Lunchtime in the Anchor?

Few posts recently, since there has been little activity to report. Today is the anniversary of the closure last year and, if anything, the odds of Sam Smith’s re-opening the Anchor are getting longer. Not just the new focus on pubs with food, but now a new “No Dogs” at all (!) rule, and more existing pub management leaving rather than new recruitment. (No dogs would affect the Anchor as a stop for hikers on their way up or down Belmangate?)

I had the good luck to get to see inside The Anchor on Thursday lunchtime as area management had the doors open to clean-out the junk mail and inspect the state of the place as I walked past. Musty dampness, some warping of panels affecting door openings, cobwebs and that smell from the drains, but actual cleaning probably only a half-day job. The back garden however is looking pretty sorry for itself – at least a week’s work there. (Didn’t get to see the flat upstairs.)

One idea is that if (and only IF) Sam Smiths show any  interest in our concerns as Friends of the Anchor, we could maybe offer to help get the garden back under control?

Failing any signs of interest from them, customers, who haven’t already given-up and found pastures new, are really waiting for the brewery to blink and put the place up for sale (with no change in use under planning law). In that case there appear to be several people waiting in the wings to snap it up, and anyone taking it on can expect the support of Friends of the Anchor. (But don’t hold your breath, there are Sam Smiths pubs that remain closed since decades before Covid!)

Any thoughts, don’t hesitate to use the contact form.
(Or comment below or on Facebook.)

And, as ever, if you fancy taking on The Anchor as a management couple under Sam Smith’s you can apply for the job.

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  1. Apparently according to Ali some gardeners are going in in a couple of weeks I too went inside so sad

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