Anchor as a Community Pub?

The Anchor has been recognised as a Community Pub by CAMRA:

There is no news or any signs of activity from Sam Smith’s and the CAMRA Community Pub status makes no material change at the moment. However, CAMRA have a guide for possible Community Pub campaigns which gives us some additional options to think about. (We noted earlier that it didn’t seem appropriate to pursue this line yet, but the longer the brewery ignore our expression of interest and offer to help, the sooner we will need to consider other possibilities.)

If you might be interested in managing this Sam Smith’s pub, apply directly here, or contact Ali Whittle in The Lobster in Redcar (his phone number is on the ad in the Anchor window).

Any other suggestions, offers to help or expressions of interest, please use the contact form.

(To minimise spam, we’re handling subscriptions manually. Email-subscribers standby for an update on next steps being considered.)

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