Sometimes the Rumours are True

Several people repeating the same rumour recently, from different sources.

The Confirmed Facts – as we understand it – a management couple has applied and has effectively said yes to the job after visiting The Anchor. Details are naturally confidential until such time as there is a contract in place with the brewery.

Fingers crossed.
Wishing them the best, let’s give them our support.
Friends of the Anchor


(Post Note – Yesterday and today (so far) we’ve had 250 direct hits on this post, and that’s on top of the sharing and engagement with the Facebook post – so maybe some hope for rebuilding the customer base?)

2 Replies to “Sometimes the Rumours are True”

    1. Hi David, the “rumour” so far is confirmed fact as above, confirmed with those actually involved.
      The only doubt / delay is Humph and the official Brewery paperwork.

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