It’s Our Pub, We’ll Sort It

A suggested, we had what turned out to be a very brief call with Humphrey Smith. Apart from confirming that the management team vacancy remains unfilled, effectively all that was said is “it’s our pub, we’ll sort it”.

I wasn’t able to raise any further points regarding our previous long-term suggestions, nor even raise any practical concerns about the ongoing vacant state of the fabric of the building (and the drains!)

As customers and neighbours we would hope the brewery would demonstrate some interest in our concerns and recognise the value in engaging with us. We’d be interested in any public/open or private/confidential thoughts on possible next moves before drafting another letter as Friends of the Anchor.

Always happy to hear from people via messages or the contact form. All contact treated in confidence unless you indicate otherwise.

No Signs of Life

Tomorrow is the 1st April and still no sign of life at the Anchor.

According to Linda Stuart, our letter was seen by Humphrey Smith, but no sign of any reply to our positive suggestions nor any changes in management policies.

Most worrying, there are still 58 Sam Smiths Northern pubs with live vacancies for new management and the Anchor isn’t one of them. The original advertised¬† vacancy for the Anchor expired back in December¬†though it is always possible to apply directly here.

Hoping to communicate with Humphrey Smith directly, but always open to suggestions from Friends of the Anchor.

Concerns – No signs of the Anchor re-opening?

The Anchor Remains Closed.
[Open letter to the brewery linked here.]

Hope everyone is keeping well as the Covid lockdown drags on in 2021.

Although nationally, the re-opening of pubs may now be being planned for an April / May timescale, it seems that Sam Smith’s has not yet recruited a new pub management team for the Anchor, even though the job advert deadline was December 2020. If you might be that person, you are still encouraged to apply at Sam Smith’s “Run a Pub”.

Meantime, since a number of other Sam Smith’s pubs appear to be permanently closed, we remain concerned for the brewery’s long terms plans for the Anchor as a sustainable business. So, as suggested previously, we have now sent an open letter – linked here – of our concerns and suggestions to the brewery management.

If you have any feedback or suggestions please use the Friends of the Anchor Contact Form here.

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Latest Intentions

As with the Facebook page, this website has been set-up in response to the closure of The Anchor Inn, Belmangate, Guisborough on 9th October 2020.

Use Subscribe in order to receive updates from Friends of The Anchor.

Use Contact if you wish to communicate anything with Friends of The Anchor in addition to public comments on posts here or on Facebook.

Several contacts and conversations have already been had and, rather than the questionnaire suggested earlier on Facebook, the intention now is to communicate an open letter to Sam Smith’s management.

Watch this space.

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